Buying your first home is exciting. It can also be very overwhelming. I will guide you through the entire process, every step of the way.Things are always changing, but, these are some guidelines on what you can expect as we guide you to homeownership.

STEP 1. MORTGAGE: It's not so scary. I have several mortgage lenders that I trust completely. My Mom even used one of them! They can guide you through everything. They collect some information from you, then generate a pre-approval up to a specific purchase price amount. This is great because you will know exactly how much you are approved to borrow, and will eliminate all of the guessing. In addition, there are several grants from Illinois that provide FREE MONEY towards your down payment, closing costs, along with several other programs. You receive the grant money through the mortgage lender, they will take care of everything.


STEP 2.  LET'S FIND YOU A HOUSE: This is the fun part! I will find you homes that fit your parameters. I have an endless amount of search criteria that I can use.  Also, I encourage you to search online as well. Whether it's Zillow,, or one of the many other sites, I can show you any home that is on the market. It doesn't matter which Realtor has it listed, my job is to get the best deal for YOU!


STEP 3.  ONCE WE FIND A HOME: This is where the action really begins. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and bombarded, but don't worry, I've got you covered. First, we get your paperwork over to your lender, and lawyer. If you don't know any lawyers, don't worry, I can help you there too. I have several attorneys that I trust completely and can recommend to you. Next, we will have a home inspection done on the property. A home inspector (which I can also recommend several), will conduct a full, physical inspection of the property, top to bottom. They will climb on the roof, crawl through the basement, and check everything throughout the property. He then will supply a report with any issues that the property may have. You then have the opportunity to ask the seller for repairs, or, possibly a discount off the purchase price. If you are not completely satisfied, you can usually cancel the deal. You will NOT be stuck buying something that you don't want. Once the inspection is done,  we just wait a few weeks for your lender and your lawyer to finish their work, then, we're ready to close. You will be a homeowner!!!